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Food Service Design Food Service Design

Our Purpose

To provide high quality Food Service & Laundry designs, specifications and related services that fulfill the clients long-term requirements within established budgets.

The Design Process

As a design consulting company, our first priority is to ensure that all our work is a team effort with the client. To this end, we partner with the client to make sure we understand the project's requirements, and maintain open and continuous communication to ensure that not only that client needs are met but that expectations are satisfied.

The process begins with the first of a series of meetings with the client through which our professional designers gain and maintain a thorough understanding of the intended purpose and scope of the project. This understanding is achieved, in part, through a review of the five main aspects of food service design: receiving and storage, preparation, cooking, serving and cleanup. While these categories are the main focus, we also visit other important areas of interest such as staffing, energy usage, environmentally-friendly systems, and any relevant technology that is emerging in the industry. The results of these discussions are developed into an initial a schematic design that clearly shows how the proposed project would be realized, along with a pre-bid equipment budget. The schematic design and budget are then submitted to the client for approval.

Once the client is satisfied that the schematic design and budget meet their initial criteria, the next step is to create a scale design, along with an equipment schedule that gives basic utility requirements for the project. These documents are in turn submitted to the client for approval and any desired modifications.

A food service bid package is then prepared to allow the client to obtain competitive pricing, and the returned bids are reviewed for completeness and conformity. We can also be available to make recommendations to the client concerning a final selection.

Fisher & Associates can perform site visits as required by the client during the construction phase in order to ensure that the project is being constructed in accordance with the design documents.

Finally, once the food service equipment package is installed, Fisher & Associates will visit the site to provide a final punch.

Other Available Services

Site surveys of existing facilities.

Restaurant concepts to assist the client in restaurant style and menu choice, together with overall budgeting and design concepts.

Operators Requests for Proposals, which aid the search for an operator, especially important for in-house factory and corporate feeding.

On site project consulting, to expedite job progress and ensure compliance with contract documents.

Beverage dispensing systems for soda, juice, beer and liquor.

Cooking oil reclamation systems.

Food Service Facility Design & Consulting

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