Laundry Facility Design

Laundry Facility Design Laundry Facility Design

Our Focus

Our laundry facilities designs are primarily focused on the Hospitality and Corrections industries.

The Design Process

The process begins with meetings between designer and client to determine the requirements of the facility, and ongoing communication ensures that the client's needs and expectations remain at the forefront. After requirements such as capacity and volume are determined, and issues such as staffing, energy usage, environmental concerns and recent technological innovations are addressed, an initial schematic design is developed, along with a proposed budget. The schematic design and budget are then submitted to the client for approval. Once the client is satisfied with the schematic design and budget and gives the go-ahead, a scale design is prepared along with an equipment schedule that gives basic utility requirements for the project, and a completion schedule is laid out. These documents are submitted to the client for approval and final modifications are made as necessary.

Bidding documents are then prepared to allow the client to obtain competitive pricing, and made available to interested parties. All returned bids are reviewed for completeness and conformity with the bidding documents and we can also be available to make recommendations to the client concerning a final selection.

Fisher & Associates will perform site visits at specified intervals during the construction phase, in order to ensure that contractors adhere to the design and employ approved construction techniques.

Finally, once construction is complete, Fisher & Associates will come to the site to punch out the job and determine whether the project is ready to commence operations.

Laundry Facilities Design

Typical client types that we help:

Hospitality Including hotels, resorts and convention centers Corrections Including State penitentiaries, City and County Jails


Typical Applications Include:



Convention Centers


Typical Applications Include:

State Penitentiaries

City and County Jails